Loving, Healing, and Reaching Every Life Through the Word Of God

At Bethesda World Harvest International Church, Buffalo, NY, we are strong believers that the detailed understanding of God’s Word is the gateway to transform people’s lives. At Bethesda, we are a holistic ministry; meaning we assist in spiritual and moral change, which in turn will transform to sociopolitical and economic change among your community.

A body of believers who serve in the Spirit of excellence by doing the “little things” consistently will surround you. From finances to health, and everything in-between, Bethesda World Harvest International Church is devoted to arming people all over the world with the knowledge and wisdom needed to make decisions that will positively influence their futures.

We seek to create an environment where the Word of God modifies believers of all ages, ethnicity, and social status to collectively preserve a balanced approach to leadership and service helping to accomplish the greatest impact for the people, ministry, and society. Our mission is to “love, heal and reach every life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

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